The “Q” Bag

The “Q” bag design is constructed utilising inner baffles which help contain the cubic form once the bag has been filled. These baffles are manufactured specifically to allow the materials to flow into the corners of the bulk bag. Within this design mechanism and because of the cubic shape of the bag, The “Q” Bag requires less storage space and can reduce transportation costs up to 30% in comparison to a standard big bag.

General benefits of a “Q” Bag

Note how bag A keeps it shape and bag B sits round

  • Keeps the sides of the bag from bulging.
  • Bag remains square instead of having a circular footprint.
  • Improved payload of up to 30%.
  • Resulting in total logistic cost savings.
  • Achieving maximum payload of transport vehicles.
  • Less packaging, transport, storage, handling & administration.
  • Environmentally-friendly packing means less packaging material disposal.
  • Improved stability of the packaging, enabling save stacking.
  • Customer-friendly packaging (above benefits also apply to the consumer).
  • Better overall visual effect.

“Q” Bag construction

  • Body - 4 side panels plus the base and top to suit your needs.
  • Fabric - coated or uncoated with cross corner inserts.
  • Lifting loops - 4 lay flat corner loops, other designs may be possible.
  • “Q” bag class: Safety factors: 5:1 single trip & 6:1 multi trip.
  • “Q” bag Safe working loads: S.W. L. up to 2000KG.
  • Dust proof seams can be added to this bag.
  • Liners are not available on this bag type.
  • Bag can also be printed.

Less space & cheaper transportation

Qualities of  Q Bag Bulk Bag

Safety factors

Safe Working Load (SWL)Safety Factor (SF)
1000kg5:1, 6:1
1500kg5:1, 6:1