Bulk Bag Valeting and Re Work

BulkBagUK.co.uk also undertakes bulk bag Valeting and Re-Work to allow expensive bulk bags to be re-used instead of replaced.

This could give you up to 4 or 5 times more use from your bags.

Re-working or valeting is carried out where the same product is moved around; often inter-group and vast savings can be made by the user.

Bulk Bag Valeting
Bulk Bag Valeting

Some market areas where reconditioning bags can be beneficial:

  • Powders
  • Chemicals
  • (some) Foodstuffs
  • Feeds
  • Detergents and soap based products

The valeting operation principle is simple:

  • Segregation on receipt
  • Examination for damage
  • Optional refurbishing service
  • Complete cleaning service
  • Re-tie and repair filling spouts and discharge spouts
  • Repacking the bags
  • Return to customer

When the life of the bag reaches its final trip, we will have it recycled into granules for re-use into basic plastic products.

Modifications and re-work:

With having a UK manufacturing operation and are able to provide additional modifications and re-works to your existing bags.

Are your consignment of bags incorrect and do not quite meet your expected specification?

  • We can help rectify these "unfortunate" mistakes.
  • We have helped our customer’s avoided inconvenience and added expense by undertaking the following modifications:
  • Printing errors (blanking out, adding an over print and much more).
  • Conversion of filling and discharge spouts, added designs to suit your requirements, including addition of document pockets extra webbing etc.
  • Improvement to dust proof seams.
  • Plus many more things so please feel free to call and ask how we can help your company.

Contact: Ian Campbell on 0780 5039361 or send an e mail to: Bulkbaguk@Gmail.com