About us

BulkBagUK.co.uk have a dedicated manufacturing base in the UK that can turn around your orders with short lead-times

We don’t rush to sell you a cheap bag, we work hard with you to make sure the bag you get is the bag you need, tried and tested by you before you place that all important order.

BulkBagUK.co.uk can even provide a Consultant to give you a step by step guide to obtaining the correct bag for your needs and also help you with any filling and discharging rigs you may need.

You may well be using Bulk Bags with a filling/discharging rig at the moment and it is not working as well as you think it should, then please feel free to contact BulkBagUK.co.uk and we will be pleased to help you resolve any problems you may be having.

Are you new to Bulk Bags?

So you have been given the task of sorting out an order of Bulk Bags and you are not sure how to go about it!

Below is a short list to help you on your way.

You are going to need to know:

The Bag Size: You will need to know the outside measurements of the bags, I.E. 100cms x 100cms x 100cms.

The Fabric Type: Will the fabric need to be Coated or Uncoated? Still not sure just let the sales team know your product and they will be able to help you.

Lifting Loops: How many loops will your bag need?

The top & bottom of your bag: Have a look at the products page and choose your bag, if you do not see your bag just let the sales team know your bag type and they will be able to help.

Will your bag need a Document Pocket? Will it need to be Printed? We will also need to know the Safe Working Load of the bag

(I.E. SWL 1000kg) and also the Safety Factor. A guide to this information is on this web site.

Now you have sorted all the basic information out just go to the Contact Us page and fill in Contact Form and send. EASY.