Bulk Bag Uk

BRC and HACCP Food grade FIBC Bulk Bags

Bulkbaguk.co.uk are now pleased to offer Food Grade FIBC Bulk Bags

with the following certificates and lead times.

BRC and HACCP certificated FIBC Bulk Bags with a lead time of 6 weeks.

BRC certificated FIBC Bulk Bags with a lead time of 12 to 14 weeks.

For more information on the products we manufacture and import please feel free to send

an email or call on 07805039361 .



We have been manufacturing bulk bags since June 2000 and can manufacture bags of a variety of sizes and specifications that all adhere to the E.F.I.B.C.A. standard.ton bag

So if you need that one off bag or you have an order short fall please contact the sales office by sending an e mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

You can also contact Ian Campbell on 0780 5039361 (if the phone is busy please leave a message and I will call you back).  

Do you need your bags Altered?  

We can alter your bags, Tops changed Skirts added extra ties added, Document pockets added we can also add printed panels to your plain bags, most alterations undertaken.


We feel sure we will be able to help you with that urgent order. 



The size of the bag: (it may be 90 x 90 x 90cms tall)The Q Bag   

"Stay Open" lift loops  

Pallet-free handling  

Sift-proof seams  

Reduced risk of toppling  

Better surface uniformity  

Improved stack-ability  

Will you need a "Q" Bag



Reconditioning (Valeting) of your FIBC’s  

Bulk bag cleaning:Botany Bag 3

Your bags are thoroughly checked for: 

· Cuts or tears 

· Damage to filling and discharge areas 

· Split seams 

· Damage to lifting loops or any problem specific to your operation. 

Take advantage of our reconditioning service to reduce your packaging costs.


Plus, it is environmentally friendly. We can arrange to have your empty bulk bags collected from your premises anywhere in the UK, inspected, cleaned, and made ready for use. Of course, then, we can deliver them to your specified site.


All for a fraction of the cost of a new bag! And negligible impact on the environment! It's all in the bag.  

Our bags have many advantages to other material handling, shipping, and storing alternatives currently utilized, such as, corrugated boxes, paper bags, and fibre drums...  

Reduced shipping costs; reduced storage space; eliminated spillage and duct problems, and flow control are a few of those advantages. Also remember the more bags you order the more money you will save. 


Not all bags are created equal...

Most Common Uses: 
Chemical, Cement, Food, Agricultural, Grain, Construction, Resins, Polymers and
other powder and granular materials. Most client's also take our Bulk Bag liners
and our polypropylene woven sacks.